Wednesday 9 September 2009


On Friday 4th September YOU #1: PISSOIR (TOILET) was installed, ready for ABSOLUT FRINGE to begin on Saturday 5th September.

On Monday 7th September, having gone in to check the equipment, I was amazed to find that every piece of evidence relating to this installation had vanished, completely. Without prior warning, not even a phonecall, everything had been removed from the toilets at the venue.

I spoke to the Manager, I had been liaising this venue for months and had agreed the installation well enough in advance for their logo to appear in ABSOLUT FRINGE programme of events.

I was informed that they had removed it, that they had had complaints all weekend from people eating their dinner (the installation is in the toilet, and the person using the toilet has to choose to press play, its called PISSOIR, so I'm not sure what they thought it was going to say).

One of the stereo's had been "stolen by "?"", I won't relay the phrase used in relaying this information, because I wouldn't use it myself. Theft was expected, I had imagined that some of the equipment might go wandering without me. That's part of it. It's public space, the public is in charge of it, there's no one watching...

What I didn't expect was that the venue that had agreed to allow me to install this, well in advance, had included their logo in the programme, and up until now been extremely nice, would remove all trace of the work, including posters (expensive) and a press cutting and the second stereo and all information without picking up the phone and calling the artsit who installed it first. Or returning any of the items, it's recession, none of this is funded, it's hard!

They appeared to have had a tough weekend with the installation, the robbery, the complaints, apparently some one urinated on it...any way it's gone!

Re-installing today, with a warning!

Curved Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

Lets see how it goes this time!

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